Transformational Running Clinic with Coach Rick Muhr

Rick has been a nationally ranked runner for 45 years and has trained over 20,000 runners. He was the head coach for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team In Training program for 12 years and founded the Marathon Coalition 15 years ago.

Rick is a veteran of 32 marathons with a 2:33 personal best. His first 30 marathons were sub 3:00 hours. He has qualified for the Boston Marathon in all 32 marathons and is currently training for the 2023 Chicago Marathon.

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Session Details:

This is a private 90 minute 1:1 running clinic with Coach Rick Muhr from the Boston Running Center, held at a location convenient to you. Rick will apply his 27 years of marathon coaching experience to focus on the key areas to improving your overall fitness and running performance. These areas include:

  • Assessing Your Ability and Setting Realistic Goals
  • Establishing Habits to Avoid Injury
  • Developing A Strong Chassis and Improving Functional Movement
  • Improving Your Running Form and Economy
  • Establishing an Effective Pre-Run Dynamic Warm up
  • Setting up Optimal Post-Workout Recovery Skills
  • Effectively Managing and Incorporating Technology
  • Establishing Proper Nutrition Habits
  • Selecting Proper Shoes
  • Engaging in a Training Program that is Appropriate with Your Goals

Note this clinic is intended for those looking to start Weekly Coaching with Coach Rick Muhr. It serves to both educate the runner and to allow for their online training program with Rick to be as customized and successful as possible.