Running Coach: Sarah Walker

BS - Fitness/Cardiac Rehab, MS - Sports Psychology, USATF level I, ACSM HFS
(Sessions held in Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Natick and Framingham.)


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Sarah specializes in motivation, improving body awareness levels and exercise intensity. She holds a B.S. in Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation and an M.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in sports psychology, from Ithaca College. In graduate school Sarah completed her thesis on "the effects of mirrors on perceived versus actual exercise intensity" which she presented at the 2006 North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity/ACSM conference in Denver. Sarah is an ACSM certified health and fitness specialist and is L1 USATF certified.

Having worked as an exercise physiologist in pulmonary rehab, Sarah has experience working with a variety of populations and fitness levels. Runners that Sarah has coached have completed races ranging from the 400m hurdles to the Boston Marathon. She has recently been featured in Boston Magazine.

Sarah's Coaching Philosophy

When it comes to distance running, it’s brutally honest. Our success depends on our ability to train safely and effectively. As a coach, I want to ensure that the runners that I work with understand what is required to run a specific distance and how to get there safely. Part of a successful marathon program is recognizing and understanding the commitment that is required, both in terms of self-care and training. I like to approach my coaching with two goals in mind: 1.) keeping the runner injury free and 2.) ensure that there is variety, challenge and success integrated throughout the training to make it enjoyable.

I specialize in mind/body training for running. Running is just as much, if not more, mental training as it is physical. I find that we are not always cognizant of our true potential and therefore can inadvertently limit our success. I like to work with runners on improving their pace awareness and body awareness levels.

In my spare time I run! Being a competitive runner, I understand and love the time, commitment and dedication required to reach peak performance. When I’m not running, I’m usually eating or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip.

Testimonials from Sarah's runners

"Strength training with Sarah has been a terrific experience. Sarah's knowledge, professionalism and goal-oriented approach have helped me to get stronger, more focused and remain injury-free. As a runner, I particularly appreciate Sarah's expertise in how strength-training can enhance my running experience and improve my performance while boosting my love for the sport. Sarah's enthusiasm and dedication are inspiring and motivating!" - B. Weber

"Sarah helped me find muscles I never knew I had! Her energy and flexibility made my goals a reality in less time than I imagined. Sarah's passion for fitness (and running, especially) is infectious! She gives you that extra boost to keep working hard even when you're fighting for air. I'm always impressed by Sarah's new routines and creative exercises - she keeps my workout exciting and injury-free!"

"Before I started working with Sarah, I committed to five sessions with a trainer I had never met. I figured I could get a few tips and add some new moves to my fitness routine. But once Sarah Anderson became a part of my workout, I couldn't let her go. From push ups with a tricep kick-back to frog jumps on a padded mat, I felt challenged, always sweaty, and yet thrilled with my results. Sarah gives you more than just a workout - she's a reservoir of motivation, an amazing listener, and a problem solver. When I had trouble with my knee, she showed me how to maneuver around the tender muscle and still get a rigorous sweat session. Her knowledge of the science and how to best use your body offer an invaluable element to each workout. Sarah's iconic in her field because she has it all - the brains, the biceps and the best attitude ever!"

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