Strength & Conditioning for Runners

Boston Running Center's Strength & Conditioning Sessions are intended for runners looking to improve performance. Our training sessions are science-based, each designed to improve areas in strength and conditioning that are determined below the norm by in-session testing of bio-mechanics, leg stiffness, power, and flexibility. All corrective actions are focused on improving running efficiency, economy, and top-end speed. BRC trainers are nationally certified with over 10 years experience and are avid runners themselves.

These private sessions are intended for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and are held at either the Charlestown or Natick studios. Note all initial sessions must be held at Charlestown.

What's Involved

Your first session will be held at our Charlestown location, with subsequent session available at either the Charlestown or Natick locations. The initial session will entail a series of tests and measurements to determine baseline markers and areas in need of further development. Subsequent sessions then work to improve these areas, with re-testing done every 3-6 weeks. Common areas of focus include:

Boston Personal Training Ground Reaction Force: Inadequate power and strength in the legs and core results in reduced power into and from the ground. With these reduced forces, stride length is restricted, now making top-end speed unattainable and sub-max speeds economically inefficient (taking more energy than they should). Specific strength training to improve ground reaction forces is often a focus in our strength & conditioning sessions.
Boston Personal Trainer Leg Stiffness: Running is a springing activity, not a jumping activity. Developing this spring-reaction to the ground is essential in order to have goal race paces require less metabolic energy. Running-specific hops and plyometrics are often a critical component to running with less effort.
Boston Personal Training Runners Stability: If we have the power to apply large forces into the ground, and the stiffness to quickly react to the ground and translate this power to forward propulsion, we must also have stability throughout the body such that these forces and movements are applying the least amount of soft-tissue stress as possible.
Personal Training for Runners Symmetry - Running with one leg functioning over 4% differently (e.g. stronger, faster, movement angles, etc) than the other leg is the most common precursor to injury. Identifing key functional strength imbalances throughout the body, and addressing these with an appropriate strength and conditioning program, is a cornerstone to staying healthy and reaching your full potential.
BPersonal Training in Boston Athleticism - A great runner is a good athlete, able to handle different speeds, different terrain, and changes of direction with ease, resistant to fatigue, and while staying injury-free. Often times these components are done at a field just outside the office.

Studio Locations

Boston Running Center Gait Analysis Lab and Fitness Studio
50 Terminal Street, BLD 2, suite 226
Charlestown, MA 02129
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Know Limits Fitness Studio
21 Eliot Street
South Natick, MA 01760

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Initial Testing Session$120
1 Strength & Conditioning Session$90
4 Strength & Conditioning Sessions$340
8 Strength & Conditioning Sessions$640
12 Strength & Conditioning Sessions$900