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"I love the no frills information-centric format of the newsletter. I've been receiving the newsletter since November 2008 and every issue is saved in a 'Smart Running' folder in my inbox so that I can easily access the information as needed. ." - Kim O

"I love the tips - I always pick up a new point when reading your newsletter! Great job!" - Chris L

"I enjoy smart running. The tips go deeper and cover more than what I get in Runner's World for example. I am enjoying the bridging the gap series, I see myself trying to close that void. I forward smart running to all my running pals!" - Theresa H

"I really enjoy reading your newsletter. I especially love your tips on diet and the importance of stretching. I ran my first Boston Marathon this year and I am totally hooked... on Marathons, on Running, and on your newsletter!"

"I so look forward to this e-mail. The little tips I get from your information is Great!! Many Thanks!" - Cory F

"I love receiving Smart Running newsletters - the content, format and frequency is perfect as is. The articles are very informative (much more so than Runner's World magazine in most cases), I always learn something new in each issue." - Yvonne T

Article Index:

Ballistic Action in Running
Bridging the Gap: Part I
Bridging the Gap: Part II
Bridging the Gap: Part III
"Dead Zone" training
Downhill Training
Strengthen your lungs!?
VO2 Max - what,why...
Too much flexibility?
Marathons with hills are easier!?
Treadmill vs Outdoor running
Stadiums vs Hill Repeats
Staying loose during runs
Barefoot vs Running Shoes
Why rest after a Marathon?
Winter training - air density
Foot Force
Your nutrition status
Eat and Run!
Nutrition during your workout
Using Glycemic Index
Refueling your muscles
Balanced meal plans
Optimizing body composition
Deciphering the Hydration Hype
General Fatigue and Low Iron
Marathon Day Nutrition
Yoga for Runners Instructors interviewed
Fixing excessive heelike
Weight Training for Runners I
Weight Training for Runners II
Working the Core
Full squat holds
Elliptical for Running
Strong Buttocks!
Improving Balance/Ankle Strength
Hip Abductor Importance
Injury prevention/treatment
Weak hamstrings & knee injuries
Overuse injuries
IT Band Syndrome
Massage and Running
Getting rid of shin splints
Lateral Knee Pain: Ober's Test
Injury Checklist - Plantar Fasciitis
Foamroll for hamstrings
Tight hip flexors - Thomas test
Motivation/Sports Pyschology
Olympic Trials - Dana Coons
Words to Run By
Running Positive
Race day tips/tools
Post-marathon blues
Running with your head
Elite marathoner quotes
My Blind Marathon
Running relaxed
Running Stories from SR readers!
Boston 08 - DP: 'you said I couldn't do it!'
Boston 08 - MA: 'Dreams do come true!'
Lunar Eclipse
Chicago Marathon 07
Wet and Wild
Turkey Trot Champ!
My Feet
Coaches Corner
Dynamic stretching
Static stretching
Types of marathoners
Research Review
LB strength post-run
Biking and running
Muscle cramping
Hip weaknesss to knee pain
Pre-run stretch?
Running good for knees?
Words to Run By
Warm weather running
Man vs Mileage
Winter motivation

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