Head Coach: Joseph McConkey

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Joseph McConkey is one of the leading running coaches in the New England area.   With a MS in Exercise Science, a certified USA Track and Field level 2 Coach (endurance), and with over 10 years experience as a competitive athlete and running coach, his athletes have enjoyed routine PR performances in distances ranging from the 800 to ultra-marathons.  His top athletes include ISL and NEPSTA champions, NXN and Footlocker qualifiers, USA Junior National Champions in the 1500 and 3000, and Olympic trial qualifiers for the 10k and marathon.  His recent accolodes of the 2009 NECC Cross Country Coach of the Year and being voted as one of Best of Boston's 2009 Top Running Coaches (as voted by Boston Magazine) are a product of his dedication and belief in each of his runners, no matter what level he or she may be. (see client testimonials)

Over the past eight years Joseph has dedicated his efforts to designing more efficient and comprehensive programs aimed at improving the health and fitness of individual runners.  With a masters degree focused on injury prevention, his approach combines carefully crafted individualized running programs with clinically-supported techniques to help prepare the body for the act of high intensity running.  His methodologies, client stories, and contributions to the running community have been featured in Running Times, Runners World, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Metro Sports, and numerous local media outlets throughout New England.  

Marathon Training 

Many of the runners Joe works with are marathoners, with most training for or trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  His balanced programs (regarding speed, strength and endurance), emphasis on improved neuromuscular fascilitation, and assistance with developing mental strength and strategies, help guide the athlete over pre-existing barriers and on a path towards new achievements. Joseph's marathoners have also completed marathons throughout the world, including:

Arizona Rock'n'Roll Marathon, Austin Marathon, Bay State Marathon, Baltimore Marathon, Breakers Marathon, California International Marathon, Cape Cod Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Columbus Marathon, Detroit Marathon, Disney Marathon, Dublin Marathon, Eugene Marathon, Frankfurt Marathon, Hamburg Marathon, Hartford Marathon, Honolulu Marathon, Las Vegas Marathon, Long Beach Marathon, Maine Marathon, Marine Core Marathon, New Jersey Marathon, New York Marathon, Nike Women's Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, Portland Marathon, San Francisco Marathon
San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon, and many more.

Developing Sport-Specific Speed 

Explosive sport athletes also seek out Joe's expertise to help develop the lower body speed, agility, and quickness required of their respective sports. Athletes from soccer, lacrosse, rugby, basketball, and football have utilized BRC's DSSS program, and Joe's expertise in this area (certs including NASE, NASM PES). Note, this service is only available April-November.

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Running Coach: Sarah Anderson

  • B.S. in Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation from Ithaca College
  • M.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Psychology from Ithaca College
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Health Fitness Specialist
  • USATF Level 1 Coach
  • Experienced personal trainer with a focus on exercise intensity and improving body awareness levels.
  • Clinical experience with special populations including pulmonary, cardiac and diabetic patients
  • Competitive runner

Coaching Philosophy

    Distance running requires both physical and mental training. First, it is important to establish short and long-term goals. Generally, goals that are motivated by intrinsic factors and realistic outcomes lead to the greatest probability of achievement. Second, acknowledging mental and physical barriers and ways to overcome them will aid in preparation for potential set-backs and allow for running longevity. Last, one must be aware of pace. What pace is appropriate for shorter versus longer distances? How hard is too hard? What pace are you at now versus where you will be and when, with the correct program. Establishing pace awareness will improve running performance and allow for cardiovascular adaptations to occur.

    Identifying physical limitations, capabilities and mental barriers is imperative to a successful running experience. Understanding and acknowledging these components allow for running growth and overall enjoyment.


    "Sarah helped me find muscles I never knew I had! Her energy and flexibility made my goals a reality in less time than I imagined. Sarah's passion for fitness (and running, especially) is infectious! She gives you that extra boost to keep working hard even when you're fighting for air. I'm always impressed by Sarah's new routines and creative exercises - she keeps my workout exciting and injury-free!"

    "Before I started working with Sarah, I committed to five sessions with a trainer I had never met. I figured I could get a few tips and add some new moves to my fitness routine. But once Sarah Anderson became a part of my workout, I couldn't let her go. From push ups with a tricep kick-back to frog jumps on a padded mat, I felt challenged, always sweaty, and yet thrilled with my results. Sarah gives you more than just a workout - she's a reservoir of motivation, an amazing listener, and a problem solver. When I had trouble with my knee, she showed me how to maneuver around the tender muscle and still get a rigorous sweat session. Her knowledge of the science and how to best use your body offer an invaluable element to each workout. Sarah's iconic in her field because she has it all - the brains, the biceps and the best attitude ever!"

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Running Coach: Dan Flynn

In just five years, Coach Dan Flynn went from graduate school to one of the most successful head coaching starts in NCAA Division III cross country. Beyond college running, Coach Flynn has solidified himself as the most effective running coach in Boston. He has coached over 50 people to complete races from 5k to the marathon. He has worked with charity programs such as the Pine Street Inn, the American Cancer Society, and Team in Training. He is also the director of a summer running camp in Stowe, VT.

He has been certified as an endurance running coach by Team in Training, Road Runner Club of America, and the USATF (Level 1 & 2).

In 2009, Coach Flynn was named the New England Collegiate Conference "Coach of the Year". This would be the first conference championship for a mens sport in Lesley University history. In just two years, Flynn has coached 3 NECC Runners of the Year, 2 NECC Rookies of the Year, and 15 NECC All-Conference runner.


"Best running experience I've had yet...I can't believe how much I enjoyed personalized coaching routines. Additionally, coming off of an ankle injury, I can't believe how much having a coach to talk / e-mail with helped me. I will definitely continue w/this service." - Amy Occhialino

"I am sure you hear this from all of your other runners, joe, but whatever it is worth, I think that you are very talented at what you do and trust it. I am very appreciative to have the opportunity to be coached by you. Sometimes I lose perspective that I only started running one year and one month ago and realize my expectations can be very high, you do a great job at keeping thongs grounded :) EVERYONE has been commenting on what excellent training I obviously have had for this marathon. This is a testament to you." - Danielle C.

"Joe was always available by phone or email to answer a question or patiently listen to my complaints about random soreness or anything else. With Joe's help, I was far better prepared for my last marathon and even turned in a negative split. I wouldn't consider training for a marathon without Joe's help." - Stuart W.

"My overall experience with the Boston Running Center has been fantastic. I especially appreciate the rigorous and high quality training schedule that Joe put together for me. Despite the difference in fitness levels, Joe treats each one of his students seriously and sets challenging expectations for them. Unlike most trainers / bootcamp type programs that I've worked with in the past, there was nothing watered down about my experience at all, which is unique. I feel very fortunate to have worked with you guys, as it is rare to find people nowadays who still value hard work, quality, and commitment to the sport. " - Yvonne T.

"Once again, I can't tell you how much I appreciated all your help and intstruction.  Not only am I a stronger runner, but I'm a much smarter runner for having worked with you.  I'll continue to recommend you to my friends and family." - Reuben L.

" Joe did a great job helping me to meet my running goals! I felt better racing than I ever have. Joe was also VERY quick to respond to any questions and/or concerns I had along the way. The one-on-one sessions were great and were just the right challenge! I also began to look forward to track workouts instead of loathing them as Joe inspires the confidence one needs to do these workouts!! " - Meg N.

"My experience with Joe McConkey and the Boston Running Center was terrific. My favorite things about being coached by Joe were 1) his menacing workouts that you don’t think you can do, but he knows you can do, and after you do them you feel amazing, 2) his will to tap your untapped potential to produce a PR nearly every race, and 3) his personalized training regimens that really were unique to me. I was lucky to be coached by him and my experience with the Boston Running Center was outstanding. " - Julie H

"I couldn't have asked for a better race, and I'm still buzzing from finally reaching my 3:30 goal. I have been chasing that time for YEARS, and when it finally happened it felt so good. I felt strong the entire race. Thanks so much for helping me get to this point. I can't wait to see how far I can push myself!" - Joey K.

"I feel the better my fitness is the stronger I am as a soccer player, so over these past few months you have helped me improve the aspect of my life that I am most passionate about, and I am so thankful for that. Preseason begins with triple sessions on Wednesday so I am trying my best to prepare mentally and get ready for a challenging two weeks, but overall, I know that I am faster and stronger than when I first came to you. Thank you so much for all you have helped me with this summer, it was really more than I could have asked for. I look forward to working with you again next summer, and again, thanks so much." - Leah S.

"Joe's coaching style is excellent. He pays attention to details, provides thorough analysis of problem areas and creates workouts that consistently challenge me and help me to improve!! Thanks!" - Edwina N.

"I had a successful and enjoyable marathon training.  I got faster, stronger and developed a much better running form.  I look forward to training with the Boston Running Center again in the Spring." - Ellen Lyons

"By working with Joe Mcconkey at the Boston Runnig Center, I've become a faster, stronger, smarter, and injury free runner. Joe's workouts were customized for me and my goals and together we created a game plan which enabled me to achieve my personal best marathon, a 3:46:16. I will work with the BRC and Joe again to acheive my next goal and I would highly recommend him to other runners." - Chris L.

"I finished the San Antonio Marathon last Sunday. It was an amazing (physical and mental) experience ... and yes, the last 6 miles were the hardest. I am going to take a few weeks off but will continue to maintain my running and fitness level ... before deciding on my next goal / marathon. I Just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your training support and coaching without which I could not have done this!" - Heike B

"Joe was very intuitive as far as my needs as a runner and end-goal results. He diagnosed problems in my stride and form within minutes of our first meeting. In 16 weeks I went from running 2-3 miles twice a week to averaging 25-30 miles a week." - Tim R.

" I always had a great workout during the one-on-one sessions!  Pushed myself harder than if I was doing it on my own.  I appreciate how flexible Joe was to change workouts due to travel, sickness, etc." - Abby Mitchell

"I just wanted to say thank you for helping improve so much on my marathon time. Just by training with you I was able to shave 17 minutes off my previous marathon PR and Qualify for Boston. Thanks again, your guidance really made the difference. " - Mike M.

"It went great!!!! I finished 1318 (online preliminary results) or 1307 (paper results at the race) overall, and I think something like 68 in my division. I am very pleased. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! And most importantly it was fun, healthy, injury free! Thank you!!!!" - Andrea B.

"The log is simple and straight forward though very comprehensive.  It is extremely user friendly and packs a lot of analysis tools. The strength training helped develop and maintain specific muscles to compliment the running. The customized workouts were specific and efficient, never felt like I was wasting my time.  The comments were informative and motivating. The one-on-one training sessions were great high intensity workout.  Appreciated the feedback during the sessions.

During my time training with Boston Running Center I noticed a great improvement in my agility and speed.  I felt well prepared for the NY 1/2 and full marathon, received not only training schedules and advice, but also courage and confidence to race well.  I look forward to continuing to see improvements." - Deborah Rifken

"The weekly prescribed workouts I received were excellent. I have been very pleased with my experience." - Olivia Janus

"Working with Joe, I’ve increased my speed, endurance, and refined my running form all while remaining injury free.  His personalized training schedules challenge me and have helped me achieve my initial goals of competing in a 5k and 10k and put me well on my way to achieve my ultimate goal of running a marathon." - Alex D.

"Thanks again for the training program; I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your training program and your working with me. I shaved some 7-minutes from my PR to get under 3-hours, which I never could have done without you!" - Ted O.

"Joe's coaching is terrific. I couldn't have asked for more. He helped me accomplish my goal in a way that was manageable for me. Thanks Joe - by helping me run the Boston Marathon you really changed my life. " - Arden R.

"Its been amazing working with you, and you have re-defined my running. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH." - Tony F.

"I think Joe is an excellent coach and is extremely knowledgeable. He has taught me a lot. He is also very patient when answering All of my questions! :) " - Rachel K.

"It's been great working with you the past few months. Thanks so much again for all you have taught me!" - Amy G.

"This is a heck of a product. I really enjoy working with Joe, and strongly recommend him to others. Access to Joe's expertise provides good value for the money. " - Jason S.

"The training helped me recover much better from the marathon this time around (6 days vs. 14 days).  The NYC Marathon was rigorous and difficult, but I survived and managed not to hurt so much because I was better prepared physically.  This is greatly due to the training." - Ella B.

"This service has been great. Joe motivates me to keep going with this and without his help i would have a really hard time staying on track." - S. Dass

"This program was perfect for me. The workouts and notes were always pushing me and Joe always had my best interest. The past year with my friends, family and others that would compliment me on my running and speed, I would refer to you as my phenomenal coach. Even when other trainers tried to give me tips, I would tell them I am all set, I already have a coach/trainer!" - MaryLuz M.

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