Exercise Physiologist and Running Coach: Joe McConkey

MS - Injury Prevention and Sports Performance, USATF level III (endurance), IAAF Level V (endurance), NASM-PES, NASE, AMR - CPR and First Aid

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Joe's Coaching Philosophy

In general, I like to develop the runners I coach to be full and complete athletes. This includes developing speed at all distances, adequate stability of the spine and hips, optimal body weight and composition, power and efficiency with plyometrics, and a strong and dynamic mental capacity to handle different types of stress. Much of this, however, can not develop if the runner is not healthy, and thus teaching causative factors to repetitive motion injuries and how to best prevent and address them is paramount in my in-person coaching.

To me, having a coach is a commitment to a new relationship in your life. Trust, communication, and adaptability are all needed so that the common goal, you reaching your potential, is realized. It normally takes at least 2 years for a coach to truly learn an athletes abilities, weaknesses, tendencies, barriers and strengths. I assume the runners I coach realize this and are not expecting a miracle pill, i.e. 'in 6 weeks I will be a new runner'. I prefer at least 4 months for any new runner I am working with, but I also assume those with more lofty goals are committing to a long-term relationship with me so that together we can safely stimulate the physiological adaptations needed.

In my spare time I keep up with the research, follow the sport of running, go on a run myself, and if there is time left I like to travel, watch the Cs or Sox, catch sci-fi/action movies, and dust off the guitar...

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