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What to bring, wear, and do for your analysis!

Info form: A basic information form will be emailed to you at the time your appointment is scheduled. This can be returned via email or brought in with you.
Clothes to bring/wear: 1) Skin-tight shorts for indoor measurements and recordings, at least 3" above the knee 2) A pair of tights or tight running pants if weather is too cold for shorts. 3) Tight shirt that is of a different color (i.e. black tights and a light colored shirt). 4) A well-worn pair of running shoes, and your current running shoes (if different).
What else to bring: Any other assessments, training logs, health history information that is pertinent to your training.
Fresh: Be sure to come to your analysis 'fresh'. Avoid exercise the morning of and avoid strenuous exercise 48hrs beforehand.
Time: Allow up to 2 hrs for this appointment. Note the address of the BRC gait analysis lab is 50 Terminal Street BLDG 2 Suite 226, Charlestown, MA 02129.

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