Developing Sport-Specific Speed (DSSS)

The DSSS program is intended for athletes in soccer, lacrosse, tennis, basketball, or any sport that requires fast lower body movement.  Each sport has its own demands regarding start speed, acceleration, maximum speed, speed endurance, power and explosion.  Thus to be optimally prepared the athlete should train in a manner most specific to these demands.  Training under a BRC coach in the DSSS program involves the following:

  • Free initial consultation: to discuss health/training history and goals, and to ensure both coach and athlete are clear on each others' expectations.
  • Sport-Specific Functional Assessment: In the first session the athlete is taken through a series of sport-specific tests to determine the strengths and weakness that will be pertinent during program design.
  • Sport-Specific Training Sessions:  After the assessment is analyzed the training sessions can begin.  These can be held at the BRC location at 1682 Beacon street, or nearby tracks, hills, or fields - all depending on the type of training the coach deems most suitable to the athlete's needs.  Training sessions last 60 minutes and athletes may be asked to have warm-up activities completed just prior to a session's start time. 

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Session costs : DSSS sessions follow the pricing structure of BRC Personal Training sessions.

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