Individual Coaching

BRC coaching is for of all levels, including runners looking to run a 5k, complete the Boston Marathon, or qualify and perform well at National, World or Olympic competitions. Both online internet-only coaching (our Weekly Coaching Program) and online coaching combined with one-one-one individual sessions is available.

Weekly Coaching Program

This is our primary service all runners being coached by a BRC coach receive. With Weekly Coaching each runner recieves a week-long detailed running schedule, reports back the comments and results, and recieves the next week of workouts based on how the training is goine, upcoming goals, upcoming scheduling restrictions, etc. Here is what is involved...
Unlimited email communication with your coach.
Regular phone availability with your coach.
Detailed weekly programs, including strength exercises, injury prevention actions, and detailed running workouts. All programs are highly customized and are based on how your workouts are progressing in relation to your goals and life circumstances.
Your feedback, comments, pictures and videos through your BRC member account. The more your coach knows about you the better the program fits your needs! Here are some sample pages form your online account:


Our coaches understand most of us are not professional runners. There are family, work, life restrictions that don't always allow us to workout where and how we want. That is not a problem! Each week you will simply communicate with your coach what needs to be considered for the following week, i.e. 'I can't run Sunday, can we move the long run to Sat?' or 'I'm traveling Tues and only have 30 minutes to run.'. If you communicate with your coach, your program should be easy to fit in with your life. All we ask is...

Your 100% commitment to becoming healthy, fit, and a better runner!

Individual Coaching Sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions compliment the Weekly Coaching, providing more specific, customized feedback to both the runner and coach. Sessions can be held once per week, month, or even year, all based on the what the runner feels is most appropriate for his/her needs. The details of these sessions, including recommended frequency, can be discussed in the free initial consultation. Coaching sessions focus on the following areas, depending on the level and needs of the runner:
Injury Prevention - With the right habits, runners can greatly increase their chances of training injury free!
Bio-mechanics - With the right fundamentals the act of running serves as a specific stimulus to promote running economy and efficiency.
Exertion Levels and Pacing - Avoid common mistakes by ensuring you are pushing yourself the right way at the right time.
Sports Psychology and Goal Setting - The body will follow the mind, so make sure you are pointed in the right direction.
Improving Athleticism - A great runner is a good athlete, able to handle different speeds, different terrain, and changes of direction with ease, resistant to fatigue, and while staying injury-free.
Flexibitity, Stability, and Strength - Being ready for your workouts takes more than rest. Make sure your musculo-skeletal system is stimulated, flexible, and powerful before each key workout.

Sessions are held at various locations, including:

BRC lab and studio in Charlestown
Downes track in Brookline
Charlestown track
Boston Commons
Reggie Lewis track in Roxbury
Charles River Esplanade

Free Initial Consultation

Initial Consultations are free to runners of all levels who may be interested in training under the Boston Running Center.  An initial consultation is a 30-45 minute one-on-one meeting or phone call with a BRC running coach and entails a discussion of your running history and goals, an outline of how your training would proceed, and an opportunity to ask any questions you might have regarding the coaching and services available. 

Schedule your Free Initial Consultation
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Jenn (Boulder, CO - internet coaching only)
Joe (sessions at BRC and Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Charlestown areas)
Sarah (sessions at BRC and Newton, Arlington, Watertown, Brookline, and Wellesely areas)
Renato (Italy/East Aftrica - internet coaching only)
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BRC's Weekly Coaching works similar to a gym membership, with an auto-withdrawal monthly fee. There is no minimum requirement, however, and runners can choose package options, a 4 or 12 month program, or simply the Weekly Coaching monthly service charge. Click the 'register' button below to see pricing. To design a program that works best for your needs we encourage you to schedule a free initial consultation (form above) or to contact us.

Weekly Coaching
monthly cost (no minimum)
     Weekly Coaching (no sessions)
Custom Program

One-on-One Coaching Sessions
     1 Coaching Session      
     2 Coaching Sessions      
     3 Coaching Sessions      
     4 Coaching Sessions      
     6 Coaching Sessions      
     12 Coaching Sessions      
     20 Coaching Sessions      

BRC 4 Month Memberships
monthly cost (4 month minimum)
     Weekly Coaching + 1 Coaching Session per 4 months      
     Weekly Coaching + 2 Coaching Sessions per 4 months      
     Weekly Coaching + 3 Coaching Sessions per 4 months      
     Weekly Coaching + 4 Coaching Sessions per 4 months      
     Weekly Coaching + 6 Coaching Sessions per 4 months      
     Weekly Coaching + 8 Coaching Sessions per 4 months      

BRC Annual Memberships
monthly cost (12 month minimum)
     Weekly Coaching + 1 Coaching session per year      
     Weekly Coaching + 2 Coaching sessions per year      
     Weekly Coaching + 3 Coaching sessions per year      
     Weekly Coaching + 4 Coaching sessions per year      
     Weekly Coaching + 6 Coaching sessions per year      
     Weekly Coaching + 8 Coaching Sessions per year      
     Weekly Coaching + 10 Coaching Sessions per year      
     Weekly Coaching + 12 Coaching Sessions per year      


Beginner runners who want to become the best runners they can be, also have the option of following the fully-integrated Jogtorun training program designed by BRC Coach Joe McConkey.


This complete program, emphasizing injury-prevention, strength endurance, and speed development, is a 1 year program with day-to-day schedules that include both running workouts and running-specific strength & conditioning exercises. Email support is complimentary with the program.

BRC is gathering interest for a regular weekly group track workout in Charlestown, starting in 2016, open to the public. If this is something you would be interested in please fill out the below form and we will reach out to you if enough interest is generated. thank you!

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