Personal Training at BRC

Personal Training: The Boston Running Center provides the best cross-training option for any runner looking to improve his/her performance through an increased fitness level. Strength, balance, and flexibility in the areas most important to your over-all health and running form are the focus of these highly personalized one-on-one sessions.

Semi-Private Training: Semi private training allows for runners and non-runners alike to take part in a personal training session in a group of 3-4. Each participant is given specific feedback on form and technique to ensure that each exercise is being completed properly. Sessions are 60-minutes and can be indoors or outdoors depending upon the need of the group. Sessions revolve around the goal of the group and can include training that focuses on running form/technique, hill/speed sessions, cardio/strength intervals for general fitness and strength/flexibility work. Price: $30/person for groups of 4, $35/person for groups of 3.

To schedule a free initial consultation with a BRC personal trainer please fill out the short form below and a trainer will contact you in 1-2 business days.
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Scheduling Your Personal Training consultation

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Personal Training pricing

NOTE: VISA/MC/DISCOVER and Bank E-checks accepted, AMEX NOT ACCEPTED. Checks can be sent to Boston Running Center, 1682 Beacon Street, Brookline 02445.

1 30 minute Personal Training Session = $50

1 60 minute Personal Training Session = $90

4 30 minute Personal Training Sessions = $180

4 60 minute Personal Training Sessions = $340

8 60 minute Personal Training Sessions = $680

12 60 minute Personal Training Sessions = $900